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Perusia Tenebris – World of Darknes campaign Epilogue


Your lives start again. Barely. For days, you live in complete bewilderment. Your place in the world is not clear anymore. Now, you can’t help but notice any dark corner at the periphery of your sight. You can’t help peeking beyond the cracks and openings of forgotten places. Listening to the night when it's silent. Or is supposed to be.

Sometimes you believe to hear indistinct voices whispering unintelligible words in your ears. Rarely your dreams are soothing, or restful. Enormous amber eyes, lurking in the thicker darkness of the night, haunt your nightmares. Your skin crawls at every unusual noise.

But an even bigger issue than the constant dread seeping through your days and nights, is that the rest of your lives is losing its meaning. What is the meaning of work, of weekends out, of normality, if something like what you experienced can happen in the world? How can anything be normal now?

And the answer is, of course, that nothing is.

And the biggest issue of all is that now you know it.

The obviousness of it all is making you lose your mind, only slightly less than the obliviousness of the people around you.

A news reports of the finding of a human limb somewhere in the city outskirts. People talk about it for a day or two, but then forget it as if nothing ever happened, without a worry.

A girl disappears mysteriously and is found dead by a river after some weird phone calls. The media mention the fact for some time, then all is forsaken.

No one cares.

No one gives a damn if who did it, or what happened remains unexplained. Why should they worry about something so distant and unclear? Forgetting about it is the easiest thing in the world.
But not for you. For you

People don’t listen. They forget. They leave all this stuff beyond the periphery of their consciousness . And the worst of all is that you realise, now, that stories like these are EVERYWHERE.

Behind any mystery, any unexplained murder, any strange crime, you can’t help but imagine that something is the cause. That something perpetrated it. Something that the police can’t look for, that the media can’t talk about. Something that they, nor you, can understand. But that you now know exist.

Now you know that the world is inhabited also by other things. 

Hidden things.

Lurking things.
Things whose existence terrifies you. 

And slowly and relentlessly, your sanity is eroded every time the question is asked, and is met with silence. The dull, violent silence, accompanied by the anxiousness and the deep terror that grasp you when you, inexorably, mouth the question without speaking.



Worldbuilding and storytelling are a big passion of mine, and I love to create interactive stories, both with my digital games, but also as either a player or as GM playing roleplay games.

In the past I organized a great number of events in Italy, mainly LARP sessions for amateurish associations, but also public events for private clubs and public institutions.


One of the LARP I helped manage is a game I designed with some friends in our free time, called “Chronicles of Daymart”. As integrative part of the creation of the fictional world of Daymart, I wrote an extensive amount of worldbuilding text, which is available on the game’s website.


Since 2014 I also write in my free time fictional content as a volunteer for a lead company in the MMO games industry.

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